Similarities between baseball and soccer/football

26 Oct

With the World Series dominating the airwaves, Missed PK spent some time around the baseball fields to identify the similarities between baseball and soccer.  Usually research pays off, but this time around it was slow going. 

Baseball, America’s favorite pastime and soccer, the world’s favorite pastime, are both played with a ball.  And usually at least part of the field is grass.  And there are players, a coach, and something called offense (when you bat) and defense (when you don’t).  There is some level of sliding, but the baseball sliding serves a different purpose altogether. 

That, really, is about it.  Oh – a lot of people come and watch!  We may have to look more into the place in culture and those kinds of things to find more similarities, but that topic we will save for another time.  Next up in this series: similarities between soccer and underwater hockey.


Elvis impresses a young baseball fan (who is actually the youngest Missed PK fan) that it is ‘2’ for ‘the Show’. 1 is for soccer (or nowadays for Football in the US).


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